App Promotion – June 2015 – $1,200

I got in touch with PreApps because they were supposed to specialize in mass marketing with your app and build buzz before the launch, and I saw it on their website that their clients have good results- up to about 150k downloads in the first week of launch. I was really impressed, so I looked at their service and, one of them was a promotional package that cost a whopping $1,200. It included submission to 150+ android sites with guaranteed review of 8-10 sites. I figured if that could bring me enough potential downloads to break even. I was able to pitch my app to Sean Casto, the CEO, so he could understand my product, and this was important.

Results: On PR day, my app was reviewed and published on 8 sites, however, none of them brought me any noticeable downloads, which made me realize one thing – It’s not about the number of sites you get featured on, rather, the quality of it. I’d much rather have 1 big well known site like Android Police featuring my app than 10 other small unknown websites. About a week later, had some time to finally get around my app, courtesy of PreApps, and that brought me enough downloads to almost break even. almost, but not quite.

Conlusion: Okay results for the price – 6000 downloads, but I think results will vary with this one , but a lot of this can be done by yourself. I think a good video and an idea that appeals to the mass will strongly affect your results. I also speculate that some of their clients with major success didn’t advertise with just one site, but multiple ones.

Also, a week ago I got an random email from, which they propose to feature your app on 5 sites for $99. the list from that was very similar to the sites I got my guaranteed revies on. So yea, I probably could’ve done that myself and more.

Results may vary

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