My Developer Account Banned

It happened mid December 2014, when my app had reached 20,000 downloads

I was slowly building up my users and my empire of apps. I designed a custom icon pack, named Miterial I worked on this with a launcher company, which was to promote it in their store.

This is the icon pack I had designed, and launched

Somehow something happened, and my entire account was terminated.

Google is a bitch when it comes to terminations. They have no problem getting rid of your business and totally ignoring you.

Fiverr Gigs

App Promotional services – November 2014 – $5

Welcome to the world of Fiverr! Where everything is just $5. Everyone promises to “promote your app to thousands of users”, post to their “thousands” of followers, expose your app to “million”, promote your app to ” 10 PR blogs” just for FIVE DOLLARS

Sounds Good? Too Good? It is simply too good to be true.

The problem is when the gig promises to post your app to a facebook group of 500,000 users, barely anyone will see it. It is also hard to verify whether it has been done or not so it’s extremely risky. Another seller promised to send an email to 5,000 users, and what I got for a proof was a screenshot of an written email. Who know’s if its been sent or not? Another seller promised to submit my app to 10 PR blogs, and he did just that, but with minimal effort- All he did was post links to the app, without any sales description, which made it looking like spam links.

These posts don’t do anything. You can easily do it yourself.




Results: No results I’ve spent probably around $100 dollars on Fiverr promo gigs, and none of them seemed to do anything

Conclusion: Waste of money. There are a few good ones, but they are extremely hard to find. Don’t trust anything that promises to promote your apps to millions or tens of thousands. It’s simply too good to be true.

Android Headlines

App Review – November 2014 – $400

I purchase my reviews based on the number of traffic and popularity of website. This one seemed to have about 2 million visitors / month, so I decided to buy it. The app was reviewed and published, but there were absolutely no increased downloads at all, which was a huge disappointment given the amount of traffic. Though they were nice people, I felt this was a huge waste of money, I asked for a partial refund, as this review did absolutely nothing.
The same service now is being offered for $99 – I wonder why,

Result: 0 download increase. not worth it

Conclusion: Exercise Caution – however this was over year ago and their service is much cheaper now, still, exercise caution.


App Review – November 2014 – $100

what you get: a little box on the front page with the app icon and a short review. I then bought a promo on appszoom. They didn’t really like my app, so they gave it a 6.5/10 – They didn’t truly understand the app, and made assumptions that they thought aligned with what their users’ taste are. Remember, when you get your app reviewed, there is a chance it’s not always in the reviewer’s best interest.

Seeing their website now, they do not offer a direct link to Google Play, or it is very difficult to find one. This does not positively impact your store rating

Results: no substantial number of downloads or no increase at all.

Conclusion: Not worth it. The author criticized that my app didn’t have animations – sure it didn’t, but on the bright side it has next to 0 battery consumption, which wasn’t important to them.

The Smartphone App Review

App Review – October 2014 – $70

They have only paid review, so I paid for the 3 day review and feature, for $70. I do remember was that when the app was advertised on their site, my daily base downloads were higher. When the app was featured and reviewed, there was enough downloads coming in and definitely enough to break even. If I were to ballpark, there was probably 3,500 +- 500 downloads in the span of 2 weeks. The review and features may not have directly brought me the majority of downloads, however it did get picked up by some other blogs – TWICE! and this is where the review really helped in getting momentum.

The advertisement seemed to have helped too. I am definitely a repeat customer of this site.

Results: I think being advertised on their site racked in a higher base number of downloads per day, there was also a small spike of download after the review, so I definitely went into a positive ROI by at least 3 times.

Conclusion: Worth It – Hell yes!

The team is responsive and they show you the review before it is published. Very professional

Android Police

App Feature – September 2014 – Free

I submitted my pitch, with a paragraph and a video to them on website for free. Within 2 weeks, the app was featured in the weekly app round up (with about a dozen other apps), and brought about 5,000 downloads in the span of about a week- first day being the highest, approx 3,500 then 1,000 then 300 then to about 50/day base average.

Results: Getting featured for free brought about 5,000 Downloads
Aftermath: Downloads boosted store rankings, and was picked up by more blogs, which eventually led to a higher average base of downloads / day. This is a major blog, so smaller blogs tend to use their press, leading to more downloads.
Advice: get a good video, a good pitch. It’s important.
Conclusion: Worth It – Hell yes!