Getting My Account Back

I spent the next 4 months bugging Google

I sent numerous appeals,


this is all a big lie

I even chatted with google play specialists ( text chat and phone), bugging the hell out of them, repeating myself to speak with someone who can resolve this, until they decided to ignore me. Prior to that they always told me

someone will contact you within the next 48 hours

Lies, you’ll never hear from them ever regardless of how many times they tell you. I realized it and decided this was just a waste of my time.

I couldn’t get my account back, so I made a new one, under the name of a family member – hopefully I don’t run out of family members 😉 I had learned how to better market my app now, but it’s still not a marketing success, I’m sure if I were to launch my app again, I would know how to do it 3x better than this.

Support Indie Developers here

If you would like to support developers, sign the petition here. We need a movement to get Google to treat us indie developers with respect.


In May 2015, I contacted

and paid $30 to have them to feature my app, just feature the previous review, not re-review, and they did just that.

Great news! the feature got picked up by another blog Gadgethacks, and someone produced a video review of my app! This initial boost gave me about 5,000 downloads in about a week, Awesome! Now the thing about this is when you get a boost of downloads during the first 30 days of launch, you get a special boost that puts you into the new paid or new free apps action, and organic downloads will start flooding in. This brought me about an additional 2000 – 3000 downloads in 1 week before the time was over,The relaunch was good but it could have been a lot better.

Results: Good as usual.
Conclusion: Recommend

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