App Review – November 2014 – $100

what you get: a little box on the front page with the app icon and a short review. I then bought a promo on appszoom. They didn’t really like my app, so they gave it a 6.5/10 – They didn’t truly understand the app, and made assumptions that they thought aligned with what their users’ taste are. Remember, when you get your app reviewed, there is a chance it’s not always in the reviewer’s best interest.

Seeing their website now, they do not offer a direct link to Google Play, or it is very difficult to find one. This does not positively impact your store rating

Results: no substantial number of downloads or no increase at all.

Conclusion: Not worth it. The author criticized that my app didn’t have animations – sure it didn’t, but on the bright side it has next to 0 battery consumption, which wasn’t important to them.

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