AppGratis (part2) – $2,000 dispute UPDATE

A refresher: AppGratis initially pitched me with a $2,000 marketing campaign for Weatherback Wallpaper, which was estimated to drive over 30,000-40,000 downloads. When the date came, I received only 2,100 downloads. I wanted a refund.

Remember, this was one of the first things they said when they pitched to me:

We would be looking at 30-40,000 installs for a worldwide feature on Android and would usually charge $10k to large advertisers.
However, our indie price is just $2k, meaning a unit cost of around $0.075 per user

I prompt them hard, held them to their statement, and this is what I got.


Oh wait what? Now that the campaign severely under delivered, they have changed “installs” to “impressions” to dismiss themselves of any responsibility. I am now being told that they

only assure the number of impressions to be delivered

This would certainly qualify for the world’s shadiest sales tactic. For heavens sake, they could’ve told me I’d be getting 50,000, 100,000, or even 1,000,000 downloads! but when they under deliver. They can simply say:

We only assure the number of impressions to be delivered. The 30-40k estimation was just that – an estimation

And this surely dismisses them from all liability. What a joke. Pure snake oil bull crap here. They said they could run the campaign again, but if I don’t get the results, they said nothing more can be done, as I had paid for one, apparently “worldwide” feature. They have now ignored all my emails, right when I pointed out to them that they initially said 30-40,000 downloads.

While they offered to re run the campaign. Looking at the poor results of the first, it’s not likely anything good will come of it. They only re run it once too. After that, nothing more can be done

I took this dispute to PayPal, and here are the results:


I followed up with their decision. According to Paypal, they cannot protect the buyer against anything related to the quality of the purchase. That’s right, as long as AppGratis delivers even one install, or just impressions, I would not win this dispute. This is very bad for buyers who receive online services because as long as AppGratis delivers something, it would be considered delivered, even if it means no installs. This is utter bs.

NOTE: PayPal cannot protect you against anything related to the quality of the service. As long as you receive it, it seems that disputes would always favour the seller.

They did tell me I had another option though, which was to go to the bank and request for a chargeback. I did just that.

about 10 days later, I got my money back from my bank institution, BUT now my PayPal account owes a negative balance of that amount. This is still not entirely resolved.

Results: 2,100 downloads, for $2,000 dollars.

Conclusion: This promo was an absolute rip off. They will approach you with a convincing number, but don’t expect it to be anywhere close. They’ll just say “We only assure the number of impressions to be delivered” to defend themselves from any statement.

I had gotten over 13,000 – 19,000 downloads with their free campaign, giving my app away for free. I even made more money on that one from the boosted ranking, and momentum, compared to spending $2,000 for shitty results and 1 star ratings. Stay away from this paid campaign.

Also, note that PayPal can’t protect you, as long as AppGratis delivers impressions, even if it means 0 installs.

Remember, I took the risk, so please share this with other developers. If it has helped you, please consider downloading Weatherback Wallpaper, giving it 5 stars or even purchasing the pro version.

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