App Review – May 2015 – $300

I have been browsing around for more services and stumbled upon AndroidTapp. They had a what seemed to be a high number of traffic, so I bought their $300 dollar video review, and thought if I was going to get anything reviewed, I’m going big or going home. I picked of their best services, the video review.

To be honest, I deeply regretted paying for it because I basically threw money down the drain for them to have to insult my app. What made it bad was that unlike other review blogs, which informed you of the content they are going to publish, AndroidTapp didn’t, which meant that if they misunderstood any part of your app, there’s no opportunity to correct it, and that’s exactly what happened.

Weatherback had a function that allowed you to turn on random effects to not follow the weather, so if you lived in somewhere like California where you’d see sun effects 24/7, you’d get a chance to switch it up. According to AndroidTapp however, the random feature

completely undermines the usefulness of the app

Furthermore, the random feature also shuffled the effects and displayed one effect for a certain amount of time, say 5 minutes, so if you picked five effects, it would show only one at a time, then switch to the next one. They didn’t understand the way it worked, as they tried to select a bunch of effects and expected it to all show up, and when it didn’t, they claimed that

There’s some bug in tweaking options

They didn’t understand the competitive advantage of Weatherback Wallpaper. All the weather wallpaper apps I’ve seen make you use a chosen background to represent current weather conditions, but Weatherback allows you to use your own, so you can keep the background you like, and enhance it with stunning effects.

TL;DR they’re complete airheads, especially the guy, Antonio Wells who made the video. They didn’t care to understand your app, your vision, and were certainly not customer-oriented. I had no results whatsoever, and basically threw $300 dollars down the drain to get bad publicity.

Results: None – if anything, it was probably negative. I wasted $300 to have negative publicity

Conclusion: Don’t waste your money.
They strongly advertise that they do not guarantee a positive review of your app – I wonder why that’s made so clear. You send in your app, and they send you a video, so there’s not really any extra room to correct any miscommunication of your app. The best PR sites I’ve worked with, I was able to pitch them my app, so that they have a clear understanding of my vision, and that’s something extremely important that AndroidTapp doesn’t do.

I also tried advertisements from them

And it’s not worth it. In order to see your ad performance you’d have to email them EVERYTIME, which meant it was very very hard to optimize / test your add quickly and efficiently.

Conclusion: Don’t waste your money.

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