Android Police – Paid

App Feature- July 2015 – $300

We’ve had success with Android Police a while ago, and we know I will have it again, but this time, much bigger. We paid $300 to have the app featured on top as part of their weekly roundup.

Surprisingly, it only brought about 1,000 downloads that week, nothing more. We imagine it would’ve been at least more when the app was featured for free, but somehow it turned out to be even less! Weird.

Result: Around, 1,000 downloads, quite disappointing

Conclusion: Apparently, getting featured for free got more results than the paid, how strange. . You’ll get exposure for sure, but results may vary.
Again, do a good job of the app, make a nice video for it, and it will greatly increase the chances of you making it into their weekly roundups for free.

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