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App Review – October 2014 – $70

They have only paid review, so I paid for the 3 day review and feature, for $70. I do remember was that when the app was advertised on their site, my daily base downloads were higher. When the app was featured and reviewed, there was enough downloads coming in and definitely enough to break even. If I were to ballpark, there was probably 3,500 +- 500 downloads in the span of 2 weeks. The review and features may not have directly brought me the majority of downloads, however it did get picked up by some other blogs – TWICE! and this is where the review really helped in getting momentum.

The advertisement seemed to have helped too. I am definitely a repeat customer of this site.

Results: I think being advertised on their site racked in a higher base number of downloads per day, there was also a small spike of download after the review, so I definitely went into a positive ROI by at least 3 times.

Conclusion: Worth It РHell yes!

The team is responsive and they show you the review before it is published. Very professional

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